Saturday, March 9, 2013

#1 Cheeseburger

My blog is called Cheeseburger Time so it would be crazy to not have a post about... Cheeseburgers!  I LOVE, LOVE cheeseburgers!  The idea for Cheeseburger Time came as a result of someone asking me "What was the best burger you ever ate?".  I didn't have an immediate answer, in part because I've eaten so many of them! Well, I took some time to stop for a minute and think about it.  The answer wasn't as hard as I thought.  With Kauai being my favorite place on Earth, I've been there several times.  During one of my 7 day trips, I think I had 14 Cheeseburgers from various places.  Coming in at #1 is Bubba Burgers of Hawaii in Kauai, Kapa'a. It's the only burger place I visited multiple times.

Bubba Burgers

The picture says it all.  I had a Double Bubba with cheese.  The first bite was so juicy.  Two hot, juicy patties, gooey cheese, crispy lettuce and fresh onions all on a soft, but sturdy bun.  I went with fries in this particular visit, but I've also had the O-Rings and no regrets there either!  I could tell this was made from the freshest ground beef  and topped with quality, fresh toppings.  There is nothing worse than a pressed block of frozen beef or beef that is seasoned to the extreme.  This burger was perfection!  The staff was so friendly and the cooks looked like they enjoyed their jobs. I think that showed in their food.  While words can't do this burger justice, just know that YUM sums it up.  If you are in Hawaii and you like burgers, then visit Bubba Burgers.  You won't regret it.

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